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Simplify 3D

Simplify 3D is a other software for slicing object and send it to the printer. This software is not free but it's very powerfull. There is à lot of functunality and it's very easy to use.

The phylosophy it's a little bit different of cura. On symplify 3D, you add object on the buildplate, you can move it and turn it, if it is in order, you define one process. The process in symplify 3D define the instruction to say to the printer. In the process you define the printe, the layer, support or not, etc.

I love this feature because the software calculated one time the slicing. For the comparaison Cura calculate the slice after all minimal changement of parameter. Cura is slower.

When you start first time Simplify 3D you have to check if your printer is supported. You can check it on this link Supported Printer

This is a overview of the interface of simplify 3D


Adding new printer

For adding new printer, go to the menu help > Configuration Assistant.

In this menu you can add your printer.

You can add object on the buildplate with the button import on the left.

After that, you have to had process for your object.

Simplify options and process

In the pop-up, you have all the option.



It's in the process that you choose the printer. don't forget that.

For the options, ask your responsable for the best practice.

You can add manual support for your object, it's very interesting to choose where you add support.

You can also go in Cura section. I explain the base of option for 3D printing.


Simplify 3D don't support Octoprint. Best way to use is save the gcode on your laptop and after that go to the landing page of your octoprint instance

On the right, you have all option about the object :

  • Change position of object.
  • Add personnal support.
  • Move object on the buildplate.
  • Resize object.