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About Cura

Cura is created by Ultimaker but theyr release software is opensource. The software support most populare printer and can be used to pilot all printers on society.

The software is made for Windows, Mac and Linux. On Linux it's only availlable in AppImage format if you want the get the last version of Cura.

Add Printers

First step, you will have to go to preferences > configure cura. In the pop-up menu, you go to printer > Add, select the model of your printer and that's all.

You can repeat the manipulation for adding more printer.

Configure Filament

You can create a profile for material that you will use.

Go to preference > configure > material.

You can create new material, choose temperature for printing, cost of filament,etc...

You can add a object on the buildplate in the menu file > add file.


One this picture, we see the different option for the object. We will details that on the next titles.

Move object

First button is used for moving the object on the buildplate. If you have several objects, you can dispose the object on the buildplate as you wish.

Modify object

Second button is for growing or shrinking the object. It can't go out of the buildplate.

Rotate the object

The last important button is for rotate the object. The position and orientation of the object is really important. It's possible to reduce the support needed for the print.

Option to print object

  • Hight of the plastic layer.
  • Support or not (for the construction).
  • Filling the object.
  • Improve hanging surface.


Hight of layer

This parameter allows to play on the speed of printing, on the quality of the details. It is therefore important to choose the right settings.

Here's how to choose:

  • For prototyping, choose 0,2 to do a test.
  • For final product of protyping, to do strong piece choose 0,15.
  • For character choose 0,1 or 0,15.

Cura with Octoprint

Octoprint is a system to turn your 3D printer network compatible. It's a software running on the web.

For Probetech use, we will used Raspberry Pi with octopi image to flash ssd card.

You can find it in this address.



In Cura, you have to downlad the plugin for octoprint in plugin market.

After that you go to preference > configure Cura > Printer


And click on connect to octoprint (on the image it's repetier, but in your Cura, it's will be Octoprint).

After that you need to give the adress ip and port of your Raspberry Pi (or your Octoprint instance).


After that you can launch print directly from Cura to Octoprint trought the network.

If your Raspberry Pi have webcam, cura is capable to stream the video Or you can go on the webstie of your Octoprint instance.


You can also check the temperature of the printer on the web interface.